Shoemoney Affiliate Summit West contest

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Hi Jeremy and Shoemoney folks!

I earn my living by doing SEO consulting and Drupal development as a freelancer in Hungary.

I could have said that I'd like to win the Affiliate Summit West pass to meet all the Big shot Internet Marketing folks. I could have said that I really want to feel the excitement of that blackjack game. Or I could have said that I simply want to see Vegas. All of these are partially true, but my main reason why I enter to this contest is to meet you! You do pretty exciting things in Internet Marketing and you are so open about it on your blog. But I bet the winner will hear some really crazy stories what you did or tried to do, and I want to be that guy :)

By the way, I could have posted this page on a brand new blog (I have but I posted it here, my main blog, which is registered and actively written to from 2003 (web based official whois for .hu ccTLD)